Code Description of PLO
  Specialist Competencies
PLO1 Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of core concept in physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science
PLO2 Demonstrate integrated knowledge of natural sciences
PLO3 Demonstrate pedagogical knowledge of designing, implementing, evaluating learning
PLO4 Demonstrate knowledge about the functions and benefits of technology, especially information and communication technology for developing the quality of science education
PLO5 Demonstrate knowledge related to science education research
Specific Skills  
PLO6 Design, implement, and evaluate science learning using ICT
PLO7 Analyze and solve problems in science education through research with correct methodology and disseminate the results.
PLO8 Plan and manage resources in organizing classes, schools and educational institutions which are their responsibility, and comprehensively evaluate their activities
  Social Competencies
General Skills  
PLO9 Are able to identify problems and apply logical and critical thinking in the context of science and technology
PLO10 Are able to communicate both oral and written effectively in scientific community
PLO11 Are able to be responsible for the achievement of independent and group work results
PLO12 Are able to organize data and information in science education-based entrepreneurship
PLO13 Demonstrate human, cultural values and attitudes in professional-related task
PLO14 Promote the quality improvement of life in society, nation, and state, and internalizing academic values, ethics, and entrepreneurship