Initially, the team expected something other than this victory.

In this activity, participants must design and decorate a stand that is unique and as interesting as possible. Due to limited time and funds, the team needed to work on how to do it. How to minimize the budget for this work title by using used and makeshift materials, both in the boarding house and at team members’ homes. The team also provides tools and materials at the stand for visitors if they wish to try making their aromatherapy candles. Visitors also have the right to take home candles which they make themselves by paying Rp. 8,000,- or they can also buy aromatherapy candles on our group display stand. The Judges’ assessment was in the form of creativity in stand design and other things not mentioned to our group and other participants.

Initially, the project was implemented with a women’s community in one village to empower their creativity and stimulate them to become productive housewives.

Figure 2. The Winners and Supervisor (Dr. Supurwoko)

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