Zefanya Widyasari

I’m Zefanya Widyasari, but all of my friends call me Zefa. I’m a science education student at FKIP UNS in the class of 2022 who has a hobby of writing. Since I was young, I’ve participated in literary contests, and several of them have given me prizes. Writing poetry, reading poetry, and creating short tales are all competitions. I express my boredom with tasks and extracurricular activities at university in writing. The cheapest and most straightforward way for me to convey my emotions is through writing. I entered the poetry and short story contests because I wanted to do something productive with my downtime to relieve tension.

Last May, I competed in a poem and short story writing competition sponsored by a publishing house, namely Lintas Media Pustaka. The poetry competition’s theme was rain, while the short story competition’s theme was longing. The two competitions were held online, with 1,800 people entering the poetry competition and 1,300 people entering the short story competition. In the competition I entered, I didn’t anticipate being named the winning writer. I hadn’t accomplished anything like this since I was a college student. I am now really eager to participate in and win numerous writing competitions as a result of this accomplishment.

Taylor Swift once said that “We’re never ever getting back together. It’s time to move on. Take control of your future and thrive in the real world”. Another door may open if the first one closes. Depending on how badly you want to find that way, I believe everyone follows their own way. If not now, when will you begin? Who will do it if not you? Your future is in your hands.


Khofifah Imania

The competition that I have participated in is a product innovation competition for education and learning services organized by HMJ IPPB UNDIKSHA (Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan, IlmuPendidikan Psikologi dan Bimbingan, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha) in collaboration with HIMA BK UMK (Himpunan Mahasiswa Bimbingan Konseling Universitas Muria Kudus) in December 2022. The competition fields include the Scientific Writing Contest (LKTI). This competition carries the theme “Inovasi Konseling dan Teknologi Digital Pembelajaran Dalam Menghadapi Society 5.0 Berbasis Falsafah Tri Hita Karana GunaMencetak SDM yang Unggul”.

I took part in this competition with my team from other study programs, namely Andrian Iswanto from the Mechanical Engineering Education class of 2020 and Kiranda Dinata from Physics Education 2021. Alhamdulillah, we received gold medals in the LKTI competition field from several participants from various regions in Indonesia.

My motivation for participating in the competition was to get achievements, especially in the KTI field, because this is a field in which I have been passionate since I was in high school. In college, my time was a bit limited, so I rarely took part in competitions. Several times I took part in essay competitions and lost, but I kept trying, and when there was an opportunity, I took advantage of it. So, for the other friends, let’s make good use of the opportunities that exist by trying various competitions; whatever the result, if we do it continuously, it will hone our skills. In addition to increasing our achievements, KTI improves our abilities in the field of writing.

Ichikawa Cleva Revinda

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ichi. I’m a UNS student, the Science education study program class of 2021. On this occasion, I will share my experience with the Javanese script calligraphy competition held by HIMA WIBAWA FKIP UNS on November 26, 2022. Getting the first place in this competition is an honor for me.

At that time, I received information about the competition from a friend of a Javanese language education study program. I read about the sub-fields of the competition available at that time, namely essay, cipta geguritan, and Javanese calligraphy competitions. Because I really like Javanese culture, that’s where my heart was moved and I tried to take part in the Javanese script calligraphy competition. This competition is carried out online with the pure creativity of the participants with proof of attaching a time-lapse of the work done. With the theme “Ambangun Eksistensi Basa lan Sastra Jawa Pasca Covid-19 dening Generasi Milenial” I choose the Purwakanthi sub-theme in which the words “tatag, teteg, bakal tutug”. I was very moved by that sentence, then I started to draw using the figure of a female Javanese bride with the word “tatag” written on the right arm, the word “teteg” written on the chest, and the head written on the word “tutug”. With that visual I mean to achieve success (tutug) must be accompanied by hard work both physically (tatag) and mentally (teteg). With this idea, I created using improvised materials and combined them with plastic flower garlands at Tibo Dodo. I worked on the work in between the busy semester 3 assignments in earnest.

Alhamdulillah! I never thought that I would win first place in the competition at the regional level of Central Java, East Java, and the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

So for all my friends, don’t hesitate to start taking steps and getting a little out of your comfort zone 😁. Everything that is accompanied by your hard work will pay off with your success. Keep up the spirit guys!


Khoirul Nur Adhi

At first, there was an order from the Wonogiri Sub-District Head that each village had to delegate two people to participate in the Sub-District Level Genre Ambassador Selection. From there I was appointed as one of the representatives (count it as experience, right?). After that, I was told to make a video assignment explaining one material and a talent show. The material I conveyed was about life skills and the talent show was an English speech. Before the day of the Genre Ambassador election, we were told that we had to present what we would do when we became Genre Ambassadors.

On March 22nd, 2023, or the day of the election, it was pouring rain and I had to order an online taxi to go to the Wonogiri sub-district pavilion as the venue of the competition. Once there, all the finalists were asked to take attendance and I was number 11. After that, the event started and I waited for my turn to come forward. Like the other participants, I also explained what I would do when I became a Genre Ambassador and there was a feeling of nervousness when coming forward. After everyone finished presenting, we were given time to rest and chat with the other finalists while waiting for the judges to determine the winner. After a long wait, it was finally time for the finalist announcement. Here I did not expect to win and what I did was a new experience as a process of improving achievement. However, when the 3rd place winner was announced, it was my name that was mentioned and there I felt very happy.

What I can say is always do your best in any condition, ’cause you don’t know what will affect you in the future. Even if it ends up bad, you have done the best tho.


Alfi Rahayu Setiowati

The “Jakarta National Championship 1 the year 2023” Pencak Silat National Championship was held on May 13-14, 2023 at Nanggala Sports Building. This championship aims to provide an opportunity for Silat enthusiasts and beginner athletes to achieve the highest level of achievement. The championship has two competition categories: sparring and artistry. The participants are divided into different age groups: early childhood (3-6 years), early childhood/elementary school (7-12 years), pre-teen/middle school (12-14 years), junior/high school, and senior/adult/college/general participants.

I took part in the Jakarta National Championship 1 Pencak Silat championship in the class A women’s adult competition category (45-50 kg). The preparation that I did to take part in the championship was physical and technical training every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In that championship I competed 2 times with each match there were 2 rounds which lasted 1 minute 50 seconds. The first match, I won was against Endang Sulastri from Bandar Lampung University. As for the second match, I lost against Salsabila from the University of Indonesia. The defeat made me the second champion. Even though I only won a silver medal, I am still grateful and proud of the achievements I have obtained. My defeats were failures that became valuable lessons for me and will help me grow and become stronger.

Every small step towards victory is tangible proof that we are fighting to achieve our dreams. Never give up!

Ahyana Rasyada

My name is Ahyana Rasyada. I am a dedicated student of Natural Science Education, UNS. Since childhood, I have studied the Al-Qur’an and started memorizing it. Until when I was 17 years old, Alhamdulillah, I had completed 30 juz of the Qur’an. As a teacher candidate, my motivation in memorizing the Qur’an is to be a good role model for my students and to be able to spread the values contained in this holy book. The Qur’an is not just a holy text, but also a guide to life that teaches goodness, ethics, and spiritual awareness. Moreover, there are many natural phenomena that are also revealed in the Qur’an to increase our faith in the Creator. In order to maintain the memorization that I already have, one of the efforts I have made is to take part in various Tahfidzul Qur’an competitions. I have participated in various competitions, but have not yet won the championship. Until one day, I received information regarding a competition held by Jambi University. This MTQMN FKIP UNJA was held with various branches of competition, and one of the branches that I participated in was Musabaqah Hifdzil Qur’an 5 Juz.

MTQM NATIONAL LEVEL FKIP SE-INDONESIA which this year is being held by Jambi University carries a very interesting theme, namely “Making the Al-Qur’an the Spirit of Inspirational, Professional Teacher Candidates, and Preserving Islamic Culture Towards Quality Indonesia”. This competition was held in two stages, where the selection stage was carried out online via Zoom Meeting on May 24 2023. Participants who were declared to have passed the final stage then received a decision letter and also an invitation to take part in the final competition at Jambi University offline on June 11 to 14 2023.

After taking care of various administrative matters on the campus, me and my finalist friends, totaling 6 students from FKIP UNS, went on a trip to UNJA. We took part in a series of competitions, from the opening, the final, the city tour to the closing of the competition. For the MHQ 5 Juz branch, the final implementation also uses a verse continuation system, where each finalist gets 4 questions which must be continued a few verses after. Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘aalamiin I won third place in the competition this time. Most importantly, not only the certificates and trophies that I got, but also the valuable experience of having the opportunity to meet and learn from prospective educator students from various parts of campuses in Indonesia who have the spirit of making the Al-Qur’an a guide in creating quality teachers.

Participating in the MTQMN FKIP competition was an experience of a lifetime. It allowed me to showcase my passion for Quranic recitation, deepen my understanding of the verses, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who shared the same devotion. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my mentors, my program study, whose guidance and support paved the way for my success. This achievement has motivated me to continue my journey of Quranic exploration, with a renewed commitment to perfecting my skills, my memorization and inspiring others to appreciate the beauty of the Quran.

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