Student Creativity Program (PKM) is an annual prestigious event developed to deliver students to achieve the level of creativity and innovation enlightenment based on mastery of science and technology. PKM is one of the efforts to grow, accommodate, and realize students’ creative and innovative ideas, which are accommodated in 8 field schemes. Seven fields are focused on PIMNAS (National Student Scientific Week) and 1 field is focused on scientific journal. The fields of PKM are divided to PKM-R (Exact and Social Humanities Research), PKM-K (Entrepreneurship), PKM-KC (Karsa Cipta), PKM PI (Application of Science and Technology), PKM-PM (Community Service), PKM-GFK (Constructive Futuristic Ideas), PKM GT (Written Ideas), PKM-AI (Scientific Articles).

Science education successfully enter 4 PKM fields represented by 14 teams and ranked 2nd at Faculty level. Fourteen teams are ready to compete in PKM 2022, the leaders of each teams are Amadea Pratiwi Ginting (PKM-RE), Tedy Setya Pamungkas (PKM-K), Desi Mariani (PKM-K), Mohammad Sadid Firmansyah (PKM-GFT), Ellya Saldjadziba (PKM-RSH), Muhammad Adi Nugroho (PKM-RSH), Rasyid Ridla Nugraha (PKM-K), Ahyana Rasyada (PKM-RE), Naila Zulfa Ainuzzahroh (PKM-K), Huda Rakhman Khakim (PKM-KC), Sekar Dewi Puspita Sari (PKM-KC), Tika Asmarayani (PKM-K), Laksita Farah Zoraida (PKM-GFT), Nadya Salma Yusdhiena (PKM-K)

Being ranked 2nd at Faculty level needs effort and strategy. Science education program strategy is implementing adequate socialization to support and motivate students to get involved in PKM 2022 included: 1) Conduct a workshop to assist the preparation of PKM by inviting several experts as speakers with title “Towards PIMNAS 2022-Socialization of PIMNAS in the Field of Science & Social Humanities”, 2) Have a clear and accessible Standard Operational Procedure on website to make students easily understand about the procedure to prepare PKM, 3) The supervisors of PKM are divided based on their expertise, it makes the quality of the proposal better and ready to be contested, 4) Support several learning courses that can accommodate students to develop their ideas and apply it into competition every year.

The improvement of PKM preparation in Science education program continues to be carried out. In 2021 there were 11 proposals sent to Simbelmawa and 1 that passed funded. In 2022 there are 14 proposals sent to Simbelmawa, hopefully all can pass the funding until they return home to bring Gold at PIMNAS. Not only completed in PIMNAS, the ideas they have written, continue to be developed and applied in the community both directly and indirectly. Be Successful of all time !!. (PKM Team of Undergraduate Program of Science Education Sebelas Maret University)

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